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Drawing Lab Paris / Mindestalter: 25 - Call for Projects!

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Founded by Christine Phal on a model of a non-profit organization that brings together an association of friends and the Fund for Contemporary Drawing, the Drawing Lab is a center of private art entirely dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of drawing contemporary. Above all, it aims to be a place for experimenting and producing drawing in all its forms, giving artists the opportunity to take the drawing out of the sheet and explore all its facets. Artists are invited to take full possession of the 150m2 space to experiment new techniques, create innovative works and propose a new reading of contemporary drawing.

This call for projects concerns exclusively the duo curator / artist. Can not participate in this call for projects artists and curators less than 25 years.

The artist and the curator must present a project of contemporary drawing exhibition. The project and the works must be designed specifically for the Drawing Lab. Given the configuration of the Drawing Lab the exhibition must take into account the totality of the space and in particular the descent of the staircase. The elements provided by the pair should allow the selection committee to get the most accurate idea of ​​the candidates’ project. The project selected by the committee should be carried out as close as possible to the project presented. The selected projects will be presented to the public over a period of about 2 months in 2020

The Drawing Lab allocates a budget of 20’000 euros / HT for each project. This budget includes: the production of the works, the remuneration of the artist, the remuneration of the curator, the transportation of the works and, if necessary, the expenses of the artist and the curator. For foreign artists wishing to work in residence in Paris, a partnership with the Cité Internationale can be requested. The amount of the rental of the residence will be included in the amount of production.

deadline: January 26, 2018
more info ( in French): Link
(google translated)

Quelle: drawinglabparis.com

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