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Istanbul: International Istanbul Initiative on Ageing


Under the auspices of the International Federation on Ageing in partnership with Turyak, we are pleased to announce the International Istanbul Initiative on Ageing (IIIA), October 4-6, 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey at the WOW Hotel and CNR Convention Center.

Being the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is the nation's cultural, economic and financial centre. As the world's 7th fastest growing metropolitan area (2011), Istanbul is among the special cities of the world with its unique geographical location as the bridge between Europe and Asia. Home to over 13 million people, Istanbul is a thriving megacity seeking innovation and international presence. It is a place of opportunity and the focal point for fostering social and economic cohesion.

Population Ageing is expected to accelerate within the regions of the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Eastern Europe, given a number of factors that compound demographic ageing. The interplay of the emigration of young adults with the ongoing fertility and mortality transition accelerates demographic ageing and increases the dependency burden on the State in the areas of health, housing and social security for a growing number of senior citizens. There is an urgent need for renewed thinking on this matter and for strategies to tackle the challenges posed by a growing elderly population.

This initiative aims to explore opportunities and innovative ideas as population ageing progresses in countries that will experience demographic consequences in the next decade. Two major components of the IIIA are a trade fair and a congress. The trade fair will showcase a variety of international exhibitors featuring traditional and innovative elderly care solutions and the congress titled "Intergenerational Solidarity" comprises of four major themes: priorities, longevity, new approaches in elderly prosperity, and elderly care models.

As an interactive platform the IFA will be using Speakerfile, a social network connecting speakers together, in order to promote the Istanbul Initiative on Ageing. Speakerfile is an expert marketplace to list, discover, and book speaking engagements around the world. Whether you are looking to book a speaker for your next event, or looking for an event to speak at, Speakerfile makes these connections possible via detailed, searchable rich-media profiles complete with connection and booking features.

Please register your interest with Ms. Annie Tam at atam(at)ifa-fiv.org.