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+++ Verlängerung der Lebensarbeitszeit untersucht

Großbritannien - 09.01.2006

Besonders die 50 bis 69Jährigen sind bei einer britischen Literaturrecherche über die Verlängerung der Lebensarbeitszeit von Interesse gewesen:

The Department for Work and Pensions has published evidence from a literature review commissioned to assess the current state of knowledge about factors influencing work and retirement. The review has a particular focus on the UK experience for workers aged 50-69 and explores the following issues:

Opportunities for flexible working are valued by many groups and most flexible working takes the form of part-time work or self-employment. However, high quality flexible working may currently only be open to a relatively limited number of occupational groups. Improving understanding and access to flexible working for some sectors and occupations will be an increasingly important area of policy and communications development with employers and individuals.

Older people continue to be disadvantaged in their access to training and further skill development. There is also evidence of people being unwilling to take up offers of training because they lack confidence or because it may be perceived as offering few advantages.

Movement from work to retirement represents a significant transition in people’s lives and attitudes to work and retirement vary at different points of the transition.

Decision making in the work/retirement transition is influenced by the degree of control which individuals have over key events affecting their lives.

Encouraging a preventative approach to health issues in the workplace.

Link: http://www.agepositive.gov.uk/newsdetail.cfm?sectionID=44&newsid=602
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