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WHO Online-Programm iSupport für Betreuende von Demenzkranken - aber nur auf englisch!

Marrakesch, Foto: H.S.


Worldwide, more than 47 million people have dementia. Caregivers, often family members or friends, are crucial for people with dementia to live a life with meaning and dignity. For many it can be all consuming; placing a strain on work, finances and relationships. It can also take a heavy emotional toll.

The WHO developed iSupport, an online training programme for caregivers of people with dementia, to help caregivers to:
understand the impact of dementia;
deal with challenging behaviours;
provide good care;
and take care of themselves.

To learn more about iSupport and how you can get involved, go to: https://www.isupportfordementia.org/en