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Europäische Mischpoke unter einem Vertragsdach

Europäische Union - 01.12.2009 - von EurActiv

Am 1. Dezember 2009 trat der Lissabon-Vertrag in Kraft. Aus diesem Anlass die Teaser der Webseite von EurActiv am 1.12.2009.

Daily Update
Lisbon to make EU 'real entity on global stage'
01 December 2009 - Public Affairs
Today's entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty should help the European Union to become "a real entity on the global stage," Elaine Cruikshanks, CEO of the Brussels arm of public affairs firm Hill & Knowlton, told EurActiv in an interview. ...

Other News Today
France joins South Steam gas pipeline
01 December 2009 - EnergySupply
French company Electricité de France (EDF) on 27 November signed a memorandum of understanding with Russia's Gazprom regarding its possible participation in the South Stream gas pipeline, seen as a competitor to the EU-backed Nabucco project. ...

Macedonians, Montenegrins, Serbs plan EU vacations
01 December 2009 - Enlargement & Neighbours
EU member states decided yesterday (30 November) that citizens of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia will be able to travel to most of Europe without visas as of 19 December 2009, allowing prospective travellers to plan vacations abroad. ...

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Quelle: EurActiv 1.12.2009

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