Diskriminierung melden

Zwangsrentenalter: In Australien verboten

03.07.2007 - von Diverse

Das Gesetz gegen Diskriminierung in New South Wales, Australien verbietet es ausdrücklich eine Person wegen ihres Alters dazu zu drängen, in Rente zu gehen. Im Gesetzestext heißt es:

Age discrimination
because of a person’s age – for example, because of unsupported assumptions about what an older or younger person can or can’t do. It is also generally unlawful to force a person to retire at any partricular age.

Age Discrimination Act 2004 (Cth)
Grounds of discrimination
Age; protects both younger and older Australians.
Areas covered

Employment; education; access to premises; provision of goods, services and facilities; renting or buying a house or flat; administration of Commonwealth laws and programs; and requests for information.

The Act does not apply to a number of areas including Commonwealth laws that govern taxation, social security (including pensions), migration and citizenship; superannuation; state laws; certain health programmes; youth wages; direct compliance with workplace agreements and awards; charities, and religious and voluntary bodies.

Process for decision making
Complaints must be in writing. It is then assessed and if within jurisdiction is investigated. The complaint is then reviewed to see if it should be terminated or if it is suitable for conciliation. If the complaint cannot be conciliated, it will be terminated by the President of HREOC. A complainant may then take the matter to the Federal Court of Australia or the Federal Magistrates Court for determination within 28 days of the complaint being terminated.

Link: http://www.altersdiskriminierung.de/themen/artikel.php?id=2033
Quelle: hreaoc.gov.au