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Schutzgesetze für Ältere in Kanada

Kanada - 24.09.2009 - von Charmaine Spencer

Older adults in Canada basically have the rights of other adults, in theory anyhow. (I won't talk about all the excepts in provincial human rights law).

However, there are at least three Canadian jurisdictions ( Ontario,Manitoba and Saskatchewan) that specifically enshrine specific rights of people who reside in specific types of licensed long term care facilities. The predominant residents of these nursing homes are older adults, but obviously not residents all are.

These rights are those that we in the community take for granted as adults, so I always find it interesting that we need to have these rights statements to remind others that older adults retain or do not lose these rights entitlements.

In addition, the Quebec Charter of Human Rights provides for a specific machinery in cases of discrimination or exploitation of an elderly or handicapped person. So it is a special right for older adults.

A more recent political development at the federal government level takes place in Ottawa. The motion was introduced by one of the parties who is not in power.

The Opposition Day Motion tabled by NDP Seniors Critic Chris Charlton (Hamilton Mountain) was passed by a majority in the House of Commons this afternoon.

The Motion called for creating a seniors advocate and creating a Seniors Charter that recognizes older Canadians as creative, active and valued members of our society, and that this Charter shall enshrine the right of every senior living in Canada to the following:

(i) income security, through protected pensions and indexed public income support that provides a reasonable state of economic welfare;
(ii) housing, through secure accessible, and affordable housing;
(iii) wellness, though health promotion and preventative care;
(iv) health care, through secure, public, accessible, universal health care including primary care, dental care, homecare, palliative and geriatric care, and pharmacare;
(v) self-development, through lifelong access to affordable recreation, education and training,
(vi) government services, through timely access to all federal government services and programs, including family re-unification.

Charmaine Spencer, LL.M.
Research Associate, Gerontology Research Centre &
Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Gerontology
Simon Fraser University
2800-515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6B 5K3

Link: http://www.ndp.ca/seniorscharter
Quelle: ILAN

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