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Triest: Balkanroute calling - caravan for freedom of movement!


Italy - Slovenia - Croatia Borders kill: thousands and thousands of people are condemned to live in the mud in front of Europes externalised borders, where walls and fences defend only the white privilege.
From 2016 EU-Turkey agreement to the myriad of bilateral agreements such as the Italy-Libya one, with the progressive funding of Frontex, we have seen border member states, non-EU states and international organisations preventing the freedom of movement of migrants.

The fires in the "containment" camps over the last year, from Lesvos to Bosnia-Herzegovina, have further highlighted the poor living conditions of people in transit and in search of protection, leading to large demonstrations of solidarity across Europe.

This solidarity, which is being expressed in many forms, is essential but, in our opinion, it must be accompanied by a clear and strong denounce of the political responsibilities of those who have allowed the Balkan route to become a corollary of violence, abuse and death. We cannot stand still facing all this!

We cannot accept a narrative that speaks of an emergency and a humanitarian catastrophe, as if it was a natural disaster, without identifying the causes and those responsible for it!
We want to promote a caravan for freedom of movement, starting from Piazza Libertŕ in Trieste, a crossroads of solidarity and care, with the aim of reaching Maljevac in Croatia.

We have to act, lets show that it is possible to create a strong pressure from bottom to question the whole framework of the new European Pact on Migration and Asylum. Europe constantly talks about solidarity between states, but what about the solidarity for people we are talking about in the pact? it is not mentioned at all, allows a handful of parliamentarians to raise a few feeble voices of criticism, but in fact prepares detention camps and new deportations. It arbitrarily decides over the lives of thousands of people in transit who can have a document and who must return to their point of departure; it forces them to hide under a lorry or in a container in order to cross a border, to travel ever more dangerous roads, to pay traffickers, to feel constantly hunted down and insecure. It acts as an oppressor, maintaining its European privileges only through the suffering of thousands of people in transit.
Let us open a breach in the narrative that can make the concept of freedom of movement, open borders, rights and protection our own.

We will bring our active solidarity to the bodies stranded on the other side of the border and retrace part of the Balkan route, redefining a route of violence and selection into a corridor of freedom and solidarity.
Crossing states and borders that embody the hypocrisy of European policies, we want to point the finger at the perpetrators of this situation, at those who implement chain rejections and unroll barbed wire, to demand the opening of borders and the establishment of safe channels.
For info and subscriptions: act4balkanroute@protonmail.ch

The stages of the caravan for freedom of movement:
-> Trieste, piazza della Libertŕ
-> Border Italy - Slovenia (45.623083, 13.902694)
-> Border Crossing Pasjak (45.492228152936846, 14.212816739105651)