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Amazonmitarbeiter stellen Guillotine vor Jeff Bezos Haus

Foto: H.S.

USA - 29.08.2020

More than 100 demonstrators gathered outside Jeff Bezos` Washington, DC, mansion on Thursday and constructed a guillotine outside his front door to protest Amazon workers`wages. The protest came the day after Bezos` net worth surpassed $200 billion, making him the richest person in history, according to Forbes. His wealth has grown by about $85 billion since January, boosted by Amazon`s soaring revenue amid the COVID-19 pandemic. ...
... They`re asking for a $30 minimum wage. “Why not?” The lead protester says. ...

Businessinsider, 27.8.2020 unter: Link
Darin auch link zu einem Video auf Twitter, das am 28.8.20 laut Anzeige 5,6 Mio. Zuschauer hatte: Link

Quelle: Businessinsider + Twitter